Dir: Matthew T. Ross

Standing In The Back At Your Show//Wild Ones
Dir: Matthew T. Ross

All Day App Promo//Adidas
Dir: Manny Bernardez

TV Spot//Ilani Casino
Dir: Jason Koburov

Dir: Tessa Ribitsch

All Day App Promo//Adidas
Dir: Slater Dixon

Going Dark//Feature Film
Dir: Geoffry Stuart

Guava//Animal Eyes
Dir: Kat Audick

Zeke/The Wizard//Animal Eyes
Dir: Jebarri and Tehben Dean

Titan//Short Film
Dir: Woodruff Laputka

Paycheck//Dior Worthy
Dir: Patrick Wilcox

Libre//Y la Bamba
Dir: Ben Fee/Pete Lee

Water Torture//Kyle Morten
Dir: Matthew T. Ross

Butter//Foxy Lemon
Dir: Benjamin R. Lyerly

Mushroom Hunter//Animal Eyes
Dir: Jebarri Dean/Tehben Dean

Juicy//Radiation City
Dir: Cameron Spies

In Reverse//Macintosh Braun
Dir: Justin Koleszar

Marry the Grave//Novosti
Dir: Kat Audick/Christian Saxton

Water Dreams//Robin Bacior
Dir: Justin Koleszar

Social Media Spot//Jordan
Dir: Michael Taylor

Mystery and Wonder//Blitzen Trapper
Dir: Laki Karavias

The Fall//The Native Sibling
Dir: Justin Koleszar

TV Spot//Shomp BMW
Dir: Martin Melnick

I Don't Know//Golden Idols
Dir: Ben Rapson

Golem//Short Film
Dir: Woodruff Laputka

Dir: Jebarri Dean/Tehben Dean

Bender//Animal Eyes
Dir: Jebarri Dean/Tehben Dean

The Cone//Keli Shaefer
Dir: Christian Saxton

Tiny Birch Basket//Michael Howard
Dir: Jebarri Dean/Tehben Dean

Lately//Los Holy Santos Gang
Dir: Jebarri Dean/Tehben Dean

Over the last 5 years Tehben has shot over two dozen music videos in the PNW for bands such as Blitzen Trapper, Y La Bamba and Typhoon, as well as extensive work for local brands like Nike and Adidas.
In 2016 he shot the feature film ‘Going Dark’ the better part being shot on location while rafting down a remote river in Idaho.

Tehben started his career in his Dad’s sculpture studio at the age of 3 (though he didn’t know it yet) and eventually went on to study pottery in college and convert a Toyota pickup to electric before the age of 20.
He found his love for photography after a trip to Europe, discovering his true passion -cinematography- shortly after and has never looked back.

He recently relocated to LA in order to push himself further, pursuing his dreams in the ‘City of Cinema.’ He feels incredibly lucky to be collaborating with so many talented directors to tell so many amazing stories.

Tehben still isn’t quite sure how it can be called a “Job."

Los Angeles - Portland