Cinematography is more than just crafting gorgeous images with light, motion, and composition; It’s also a means of communicating feelings and emotions onto the screen. Great cinematography contains many layers of nuance that support the directors vision and help transport the viewer into the story. I am passionate about working closely with the director to help make that happen. Whether that means collaborating from the very seed of an idea, or discovering the story on set, I strive to help bring a full-bodied vision to life with every project, regardless of the process.

I grew up in an art studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains, came of age on a homestead on the coast of Alaska, and pursued filmmaking to Portland where I worked and grew for many years before moving to L.A..

As a self taught cameraman, I attribute a lot my success to growing up saturated with a ‘do it yourself’ attitude and the encouragement to find my own voice. That perspective helped me find creative solutions to low-budget problems as I relentlessly experimented on dozens of creative projects and also taught me that many times 'less can be more' because it's what you say and not the tools you use to say it that matter most. This approach has made me adept at delivering quality while staying true to the story, even when faced with limited resources, and is a defining aspect of who I am as a cinematographer today.

Over the last decade I’ve worked on numerous short-form and television documentaries, shot dozens of music videos, many branded and commercial spots, a handful of short films, and the feature Going Dark.

Please don't hesitate to reach out, I look forward to hearing from you!

Los Angeles - Portland